Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey, I was on TV!

So a long time ago, I was asked by my V.P. of Marketing at the time, Rich Mironov (One of the best Marketing guys I know, BTW), to assist our PR firm with a show they were putting together. Tactical to Practical on the History Channel. It is a show where in the first half hour they show the military doing something really cool and then, for the second half hour they show you how you, The average American, can do something similar with stuff you can pick up from Frys.

It was a fun shoot. I brought along a friend of mine, Jon Erikson, who wrote a fabulous book called the Art of Exploitation. One of the most well received books on security exploits I know of. He and I were to conduct an actual hack over wireless at a hotspot in downtown San Jose for the cameras.

Jon had a few prepared 'splots he wanted to run. One was a MitM attack with stream injection. I would search for, oh, lets say, "shrimp" at Google and he would substitute, say, "giant" for "shrimp" so all the returns from Google were about really big things. Kinda funny but a hard concept to convey in 15 minutes to a TV audience.

The other idea was pretty simple (read:LAME), I would log into my mail account and he would snarf my password and go read my mail. It came off OK and they kept it as the final for the show. It was fun to do and we got a ton of inquiries. I actually get about 15 minutes of airtime. So there is my Andy Warhol quote for the day. Here is the link: Bruce_on_TV

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