Thursday, July 6, 2017

Back in Black!

For those of you looking at my work status and saying, "What's up with that?" Let me enlighten you. 

In the past 6 months since I have left, radical change occurred at Aerohive. Two people whom I truly admire and respect, took over management of the "Product" that Aerohive produces:The worlds most advanced WLAN architecture. Alan Amrod and Abby Strong. Under this leadership, with the assistance of an incredible team and with many other changes in both personnel and strategy, they have encouraged an amazingly invigorated engineering team to squash more bugs, improve performance, add new features and  improve the overall usability of all aspects of Aerohive HiveManager and HiveOS. 

These improvements, so many in such a short time, visible to me on my very own Hivemanager, illustrated to me what an amazing team Aerohive has and what a terrific product they manage. Then Abby asked me to join and oversee  authentication and 3rd party developer support including APIs as the product owner. With so much positive energy and real progress in place, how could I say no?

Many who know me, understand that these are long held passions of mine and now I have the opportunity to finish the work I began under Bill Hoppin, several years ago. Accompanying me will be another former member of the Aerohive BD team who shares the same passions for APIs and easier to use and access authentication (I will let him explain in his own words if he is so inclined).

So you see, this move is logical and super positive. To those who may roll their eyes at this, just you wait and see what we can do! To my colleagues at Cloud4wi, I am still a hard core believer and supporter. To my Aerohive friends, Guess who is Back in Black?!!