Friday, January 19, 2007

I was in the papers a few times also...

So maybe I am in a, "toot your own horn" kinda mood. (I must not get enough love at work) but I thought I would catalog some props from my past.

I have been printed in a variety of articles in the mainstream press, most of which I am very proud of. For example, I just happened to be a a h@x0r convention in Washington DC called ShmooCon on behalf of AirMagnet when Simple Nomad relased a [kinda] zero day for wifi. I was just hangin out afterwards when a reporter from the Washington Post grabbed a seat at my lonely table to discuss it. Brian Krebs is very well respected and I was happy to talk to him so we chatted about how lame it was that Microsoft kept having stuff blow up on them and this one was such a silly thing. It really blew us away. He asked for a real interview to learn how this had been effecting some of my customers - which it had - and then we went a had a few beers.

You see I was getting calls from a bunch of my customers saying that they were seeing bizarre SSIDs showing up on the Dashboard of our IDS, AirMagnet Enterprise. And to top it all off, they were all in Ad-Hoc, or peer-to-peer mode. SSIDs with names like, linksys, tmobile, hpsetup and wayport-access. My customers were blaming our software, saying we were, "sending false positives". Well, it turns out it was Microsoft's fault the whole time. Go Figure.

Brian is a great guy so I will probably grab a few beers with him this year when I go out in March, but it just goes to show you that 80% of success is just showing up (thanks Woody Allen).

Here are some other links to press on me:

Here is the Washington Post piece. And almost exactly a year later, here is Microsoft's resolution to the vulnerability.

I conducted a walk around with the New York Times (didn't get a mention but my neighborhood did).

And here are a bunch from DefCon 13 where I found a bunch of radio interference:

Wireless Week


EE Times

Information Week

There is also some stuff from waaaaayyyyy back with computer world and a ton of ISSA, ISACA and other speaking engagements. too old to worry about.

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