Monday, December 4, 2006

PSP Thumb, Ouch!

So, I fly. I fly, A LOT! SFO-DEN, SFO-LAX, SFO-ABQ, SFO-BOI etc etc. Because I do fly so much I have a variety of gadgets to keep me occupied during boring waits at the airport or en route to a meeting. I have the ubiquitous iPod (my 5th. I had the very first 5GB model which my brother-in-law- now uses), a PSP, my Laptop (of course) and a blackberry.

They allow me to watch a movie or two, listen to music, Surf the Web, answer email, and play games.

Until today (where I had a long wait for my co-workers to arrive) I never realized the strain the Blackberry and PSP put on my thumb. I mean, "OUCH!" I am in pain. That damn Star Wars Lego II game has a snowspeeder scenario and I am dyin'. Then I had to pause to answer an email with the trusty BB and now I can barely type on my laptop keyboard.

They (whoever "they" are) should make these new tiny gadgets more ergonomic. If I had to hitch hike right now I would get a ride quick due to the increased size of my thumb due to swelling but I would be hard pressed to actually use it for fear it would explode.

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