Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WiFi on the highway: Avis to offer 3G-to-802.11 bridge

Start-up Autonet Mobile and car rental giant Avis are partnering to offer renters a device that will provide laptop users with WiFi access on the road. You can take "on the road" literally in this case, as the device is designed to create a WiFi hot spot accessible from within

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So I am driving down the road. I have my Bluetooth headset "un-wired" to my Blackberry (I know, I should've gotten a Pearl but I am waiting on the iPhone). I am receiving email on that same Blackberry and answering it, of course. I have my iPod plugged into cigarette lighter and tape player with an adapter and I am selecting music to accompany my travels and sometimes watching the strange conclusion to Battlestar Galactica season 3.5 (Damn! next episode is in 2008). I have a GPS talking to me and showing me where to go for my next appointment at the latest geek-fest. And now I have a rolling 3G/WiFi hotspot allowing me complete access to the web so I can blog about the experience. Of course my Homies are riding shotgun so we start up a LAN party and start blowing each other away in CounterStrike. Wooooeeee! Maybe we should play Full Auto(tm) 2: Battlelines?

Man, I am in sensory overload and I haven't even looked up to see where I am going yet.


  1. I am not appreciate your work driving and uses mobile is very dangerous and there is some one waiting for you.Iphone with blue tooth all I agree but I think it just break your attention towards driving!
    well what I say about this amazing new smart iphone!it is just amazing.and no one can think about these much features in one small mobile included!
    acekard 2i

  2. Obviously, I was writing fiction. I totally agree that we should limit driving distractions as much as possible. I cannot fathom why we should want all this while driving. I have a pal who watches movies on DVD while driving. I, predictably, do not ride with him, especially if he is watching the Fast and the Furious!

    However I did finally get an iPhone 3Gs. I love it. It connects to my cars bluetooth and if I get a call I no longer need to look down to answer it I just click a button on my steering wheel and talk, hands free. Much safer, I imagine.