Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hackers Love Gray Powell

I am sure by now that all of you have heard of the next gen iPhone that was left behind by an Apple Engineer at a Redwood City bar. Heck it's now even on the New York Times. I feel bad for the guy and am a little miffed at Gizmodo for sharing his name. But now that is is already out there everyone knows him, Gray Powell. I am not interested in talking about the technology or the, "Human" situation. I am interested in, "Speed to Market".

You see, the thing that really amazes me is how fast hackers have capitalized on this Internet meme. in less than 24 hours they have created hundreds of websites to fool you into clicking on an executable that will bring your poor computer to it's knees.

Take a look at this image I saved of a Google search for Gray Powell.

Notice all the nice "This site may harm your computer" notes that Google was so kind to add?

In less time than it takes to say, "Famously Secretive Silicon Valley Computer Firm", hackers have lined up to take advantage of you.

Surf carefully young padawan.

1 comment:

  1. Totally unethical to pick up someone's phone from the bar and do anything but try to get it back to the owner. Totally unethical to pay for that stolen property.

    This could be another brilliant marketing move by Apple, you know.

    Regarding the hackers capitalizing on the name so quickly, I'm sure they are just automatons noticing "Gray Powell" in several well-digged articles... not that that argues against surfing carefully though.