Monday, February 9, 2009

How to find a WiFi antenna?

Finding the right Wifi Antenna is a pain in the connector. When I meet with WLAN managers the most often asked question about antennas is, "Where can I get one that is camoflaged or hidden in some way?" Most antenna sales or manufacturers websites are really bad. Either these websites haven't been changed since 1997 or the are broken or just plain unusable.

I get a lot of requests for sources of antennas. Not high gain, site to site antennas. Not parabolic or Backfire. Not a 4 foot long ultra-high gain omni.

All the requests I get are for one simple thing. A disguised antenna. This could be an antenna that looks like a smoke detector, an alarm light, a speaker grill or anything except a wifi antenna. In almost every case the antenna must do 2.4GHz and 5GHz. More recently it also must do 802.11n.

How hard is it. I am pretty good at Google but I have a real hard time finding one. Everytime I look I get pages that look like this:

Now why is that? I searched for "camouflaged WLAN antenna" and I get the above. When what I want is this:
Anyway, here a short list of websites I have fouond for wifi antennas. If you have a better resource, especially for camoflaged antennas, please post a comment.

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