Thursday, May 3, 2007

Meraki - Staunton, VA

Another great grass roots wifi project is being lead by a group of folks out in Staunton Virginia. With 19 nodes up as of today, the 3rd of May, it looks like it is doing well.

Again, I must say, citizens and grass roots efforts beat out commercial or governmental efforst all the time. Less bloat, less waste. These efforts are similar to the way we as world citizens take it upon ourselves to act responsibly on the road, or by taking the effort to recycle our bottles and cans. It is also parallel to the user created content wave sweeping the Internet. Not only do we want to get news and opinion our own way we want to get services our way too. And just like we don't mind spending some of our time to create that content we do not mind spending some our time and bandwidth to add wifi services.

Drop in on Staunton VA and take a look at and let them know what a great job they are doing!


  1. Sorry but the Staunton WiFi project does not have 19 nodes. The node list on is from the Netequality Mariposa Network: and
    I have talked with the coordinator of Staunton WiFi and he's a good guy, although putting up someone else's node list on your website is confusing at best.

  2. Bruce, when can we talk. I am all over the blog that you wrote and have been in extensive contact with Tim Gee. You can call me on my cell at 714.264.7101 or email me at, (I am on EST. I want to pick up on wireless managed services, plus other subjects. Thanks in advance.